FoodSaver 5460 vs 5480

FoodSaver 5460 vs 5480 : Which one is the best model?

What to choose, FoodSaver 5460 vs 5480?

This selection is always a confusion that you must face or will face in your life at least for one time.

If you are looking for a FoodSaver worth your investment, you must need reviews of Foodsaver 5460 vs 5480. Here in this article, we have made a comparison that will explain everything you need to know.In the current scenario, food storage and saving are unnecessary. For economic reasons, you may buy a large volume of food that costs less. But, how can it be economical if you cannot enjoy the taste and smell of fresh food?


To make your decision economical, you need to buy a food saver that keeps your food fresh for a long span.  FoodSaver has earned a good reputation in the present time because of its feature to keep ventilation perfect for keeping food fresh.

In the end, you will be with the decision of what FoodSaver you are going to buy.


FoodSaver 5460 vs 5480: All you need to know

Without wasting any time, let’s make q quick comparison of Foodsaver 5460 and 5480. This comparison will help you decide what you will buy when you are going to market for shopping at FoodSaver.  

Let’s get into it!

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Similarities between FoodSaver 5460 and 5480

A comparison always helps you to select the best product out of many. Comparison will give you the similarities and differences between your selected products.

Freshness types of store foods:

Whenever you buy a FoodSaver, you will buy a product that stores various food and holds it for a significant period. Both Foodsaver 5460 vs 5480 are designed to keep food at average temperature or in freezers.

These FoodSaver allow the storage of different food items like meat, vegetables, fruits, and even liquid. They also protect the food from freezer burn and keep your food fresh, five times more than ordinary Foodsaver.

Storage of food is economical, and it will save a significant amount of money that you will save by purchasing FoodSaver. In addition, these Foodsaver also save the time that you spend shopping for fruits and food.

Usage of FoodSaver

Working and setting up some FoodSaver always creates a problem for the user who uses this product for the first time. This complexity in operation is not a problem with FoodSaver 5460 and FoodSaver 5480. You need to switch on the FoodSaver and seal the food-containing bags.

Only one caution that you have to follow is to observe that bags ends are held by seals or not. Then you can run any setting like a dry vacuum, moist, or anything. Pulse vacuum is another feature available in FoodSaver 5460 and 5480, especially for preserving the foods that are vulnerable to cakes like biscuits and cookies.

This pulse vacuum provides you more control, and you can easily control the sealing procedure that will save your cakes, biscuits, and muffins for a long time.

Designing and construction

In terms of designs, both FoodSaver 5460 and 5480 are different than ordinary Foodsaver. These are narrow but taller, allowing little space to occupy, and you can perform other functions like vacuuming and sealing.

These FoodSaver are in use nowadays to facilitate you in the kitchen and in saving food. If you are looking for a FoodSaver that holds 50% of your time in bag-making procedures, you must consider these two FoodSaver 5460 and 5480. They use more miniature rolls in sealing than other FoodSaver uses a lot.

You are preserving your food, and then you must be aware of the number of rolls being used for one-day sealing. This thing is visible in Foodsaver 5460 and 5480 through a vacuum window.

One extra feature that is possible because of these Foodsaver is the feature of marinating. You cannot make food delicious without marinating, so you don’t have to wait for long for it. You can quickly marinate your food within these FoodSaver in minutes.

Cleanliness and power consumption

Cleanliness is essential in all fields, but it is vital to increase further when it comes to foodsaver. Cleaning foodsaver is hectic and more time-consuming if you use some other Foodsaver than 5460 and 5480. These food savers have a dripping tray that not only allows easy cleaning but it is also removable.

This removable tray allows you to clean thoroughly up to your satisfaction to store your food without being contaminated. In terms of power, these Foodsaver use only 125-watt power with the availability of long power cables that allows you to move over a large area.

These were the features present in both Foodsaver 5460 and 5480. Both of these have a limited five-year warranty and easy handling that provide you convenience in holding and sealing.


Differentiating factors: Foodsaver 5460 vs 5480

We have discussed all the standard features that are present in both Foodsaver 5460 and 5480. But the decision depends on the differences, one product with more part will be your priority and you will choose that product.

Difference in appearance

Both 5460 and 5480 have similar construction from stainless steel material. The difference is in the weight and dimensions of these two.

In Foodsaver 5460, all the control buttons are present on the top with the dial on the side of the product. Its weight is about 10pounds.

Moving towards Foodsaver 5480, the material is the same, but the controller’s position and dial are different. Control buttons are on the right side, while the dialer is on the product’s left side. This item weighs more than Foodsaver 5460, and its weight is around 15 pounds.

Regarding weight and position of controllers, Foodsaver 5460 provides you more convenience, and you will feel comfortable by using this for the preservation of your food.

Problem indicating feature

For working with electrical appliances, there is always a question about your security. You will be more comfortable with the device that mentions some problem instead of working as it is.

In terms of safety, indicator lights are present on FoodSaver 5480 and are not present in 5460. If any problem is current in 5480, it is automatically displayed by the indicator lights. You will notice that something is not right in your FoodSaver 5480, and you will be saved from any mishap.

This feature is not present in FoodSaver 5460, So in terms of safety and protection, you must look towards FoodSaver 5480 to store your foods.

The following items are in FoodSaver, gallon Vacuum bag for liquid storage, roller, containers, and jars. These items are present in large quantities in Foodsaver 5460 than 5480. So if you are going to decide based on the number of available things in one package, you must select Foodsaver 5460.

We have made a comparison with distinct similarities and differences between FoodSaver 5460 and 5480. This selection is still a close game because both these FoodSaver is relative to each other in terms of function and efficiency.

A separate description of both of these products can help you to make your decision fast.


FoodSaver 5460



  • FoodSaver 5460 is a unique FoodSaver perfect if you want to store your fish by vacuum steaming in warm water. Thus this FoodSaver will be best for sous vide.
  • Now, moving to the next feature is that by purchasing this Foodsaver, you will be worth your money. You will get so many other accessories with this FoodSaver that you have to buy separately if your choice is different than 5460.
  • Suppose we look at the size and handling of this Foodsaver that is also easy. You can easily handle and maintain this food saver if your kitchen is not so large. You can preserve your food without creating so much mess.
  • The last thing that is quite prominent in FoodSaver 5460 is its sealing feature. Sealing of everything is done so perfectly that you can quickly freeze it without any worry.


With so many features, there is always a con that is present with the product. The only con is that   FoodSaver 5460 can overheat if continuous sealing is done. You can overcome this con by sealing the food after short intervals.

FoodSaver 5480


  • Foodsaver 5480 has the same functions as 5460 has, but some features make it versatile. You can use this food saver for all kinds of food. There is no limit for its usage to a particular food.
  • Next in the features of FoodSaver 5480 is the ease of its use. You can use this Foodsaver easily without any discomfort in rolling, bagging, and then cutting.
  • One of the unique features that make Foodsaver 5480 slightly better than 5460 is its ability to cut the bags according to the size of stored food. This quality will save the money that you will spend on the purchase of rolls.


Talking about features and pros, we cannot ignore the cons associated with Foodsaver 5480. FoodSaver 5480 allows versatile sealing, but its sealing is not long-lasting. Sealing may get open after a specific interval of time.


Final words on Foodsaver 5460 and 5480

We have completed our review on both Foodsaver 5460 and 5480 with their pros and cons. When you are looking for more versatility, you must choose FoodSaver 5480, but when you are more concerned about durability, then you must select 5460 FoodSaver.


This review was all from our side, and now the ball is in your hand. You may choose what you want depending upon your preferences.

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