Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860: Which One is best Vacuum Sealer ?

Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860

What would be the best option for you? Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860? This guide will help you find the perfect vacuum sealer with easy or convenient understanding.

Food savers are a great way to preserve your food for longer. Do you know the most significant advantage for food savers? Well, it is an essential product or gadget for office-going people. Yes, you heard it right. You might be confused about how a food gadget is related to work.

Imagine you came home late from work hungry but tired as hell and do not want to cook. You can use a food saver or vacuum sealer to save your food like sandwiches, leftovers, or ready-to-cook food for situations like these.

Now, the problem is which food saver is best for you? Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860? How will you choose one? To solve all these mysteries and questions, we brought this guide for you to explain the features, specifications, differences, and other vital factors of Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860.


Which is better? Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860?

Both the food savers or vacuum sealers might look the same to you in functionality, but they come with unique design, specification, working, and features. So, we thought to discuss all these factors in detail to easily learn and quickly decide which food saver is better or which food saver can fulfill your needs and requirements.

Let’s get a quick review before diving deep into the Foodsaver 5800 VS 5860 to learn more about them.

Product Image

Foodsaver 5800

Foodsaver 5860



Stainless Steel, Steel

Stainless Steel, Steel


Silver and black

Silver and black

Item Weight



Power Source

Corded Electric

Corded Electric

Key Differences

11 x 10-inch vacuum seal roll, 8 x 10-inch vacuum roll, 3 1qt vacuum seal bags, 2 1-gallon vacuum seal bags, 3 1qt vacuum zipper bags, 2 1-gallon vacuum zipper bags, a 2.23Wt square marinator

11 x 10-inch vacuum seal roll, 8 x 10-inch vacuum roll, 3 1qt vacuum seal bags, 2 1-gallon vacuum seal bags, 3 1qt vacuum zipper bags, 2 1-gallon vacuum zipper bags, a 2.23Wt square marinator

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 based on 915 ratings

4.5 out of 5 based on 915 ratings

Food Preservation

Up to 5x longer than ordinary storage methods

Up to 5x longer than ordinary storage methods

Food Types

Meat, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables, soups, stews, bread, cakes, flour, etc.

Meat, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables, soups, stews, bread, cakes, flour, etc.

Removable Drip Tray



Best Price?

Foodsaver 5800

The first product that we have is foodsaver 5800. It is a compact and small device with two sealing variants; 40 seals and 60 seals. Foodsaver 5800 is a perfect way to store your leftovers as it completely removes air. You can also take your lunch to your office by packing it with the food saver as it comes with a feature that keeps the food hot.

The food saver 5800 will automatically seal the bag once the air is removed. The machine is very easy to use, so you do not feel any complexity while handling your leftovers or preserving your lunches or dinners. It will keep your food fresh up to 5 times faster than regular food saving in the fridge. In addition, you can create custom-sized bags for your food automatically with FoodSaver 5800.



Easy to use

It can get heated after excessive use


Compact and small

Keep food hot

Foodsaver 5860

The second product we are going to have a look at is FoodSaver 5860. Foodsaver 5860 is the perfect option to preserve your food for a long time. It has the capacity to preserve or save your food for up to 3 years. It will automatically make the bag size you need to keep your food without any troubles or complications. The controls are very easy to use.

It is made of stainless steel. The FoodSaver 5860 also marinates the food for you to save your time and effort with the help of a quick marinate machine. Foodsaver 5860 comes with a warranty of 5 years. In addition, it is tested and certified for complete safety and health by Nationally recognized test laboratories (NRTLs).



Preserve up to 3 years


Automatic marinating

Easy to control

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Differentiating factors

As we learned the general working and saw the reviews of both savers, it is time to move to the central part, differentiating factors between FoodSaver 5800 and FoodSaver 5860. Here are the factors explained in detail.



The first factor that differentiates FoodSaver 5800 from foodsaver 5860 is its design. The dimensions of FoodSaver 5800 are 5.5 x 16 x 3.9 inches, whereas the dimensions FoodSaver 5860 comes with are 19 x 6.25 x 8 inches. This means that FoodSaver 5800 is smaller and has a compact shape than the foodsaver 5860. You can choose between them according to the size or shape you need for your kitchen as the 5800 version is a lying design; however, version 5860 stands tall compared to the other.

Also, the FoodSaver 5800 is 4.9 pounds, whereas the FoodSaver 5860 weighs 14.92 pounds. It might seem a lot to you, but FoodSaver 5860 will be more durable and credible than the other version because of its heavyweight. However, they both have the same warranty period so that you can choose any of them. Both have black and silver colors, but FoodSaver 5800 also has a touch of orange that will go with your kitchen. In design factor, foodsaver 5800 won our vote.



The second factor that we are going to discuss is the performance of both the FoodSavers. Foodsaver 5800 comes with heavy-duty construction and performance. It can do 40 consecutive seals or can preserve food up to 120 pounds. The foodsaver is capable of preserving food with airtight and secure packaging. You can automatically seal all your foods with an automatic button. The vacuum zipper bags can be used again to preserve and seal food airtight.

Foodsaver 5860 can preserve your food for up to 3 years, so you can always have fresh food. The performance of foodsaver 5860 is slightly better than FoodSaver 5800. The controls are easy to use and come with LED lights for easy display. The FoodSaver also notifies you when the dripping tray is complete so you can change it. The FoodSaver 5860 also gains an extra point over its competitor because of the marinating machine, which lets you marinate your food in the preserving procedure. Performance-wise FoodSaver 5860 will prove to be the best.


All the FoodSavers come with some accessories to provide you with extra features and advantages. For example, Foodsaver 5800 comes with a heat seal roll, 1-quart pre-cut heat seal bags, 1-gallon pre-cut heat seal bags, and an accessory hose. You can use these pre-cut seal bags accordingly to preserve your foods easily. The accessory hose is to use to seal food airtight. It is also helpful in keeping your food hot.

On the other hand, FoodSaver 5860 can be bought with other materials like heat-seal bags and seal rolls. However, it only comes with a quick marination system that you can use to marinate your foods for later use. You do not get any accessories with FoodSaver 5860, so FoodSaver 5800 is the winner as it comes with many pre-cut bags and other accessories.



One of the most crucial factors to consider while buying or comparing any product is durability, so you can know how long it can effectively work. The company claims that both the FoodSavers are durable and robust, but according to our analysis, FoodSaver 5860 will prove to be more durable than FoodSaver 5800 because it is bigger and has more weight which means it is capable of enduring more pressure.

Foodsaver 5800 and FoodSaver 5860 are manufactured with stainless steel to provide you a great experience with both gadgets. They also come with the same warranty period which is five years, so you can choose any Foodsaver you like because you can claim to the company if there is any problem with your Foodsaver. Although, Foodsaver 5860 seems to win this point in durability because it is also certified by Nationally recognized test laboratories (NRTLs).



The last factor that is essential in differentiating two or more products is their price range or affordability. Do not worry if you might have decided or chosen a Foodsaver till now based on the above factors, and you are worried that price range can affect the decision. Because in this case, the price will not affect your choice at all. Foodsaver 5800 and foodsaver 5860 come with an exact price range.

Despite so many features and benefits, Foodsaver 5800 and good saver 5860 comes in an affordable and reasonable price range. You can check with the company to know the price of both FoodSavers, and we assure you that your money will not go to waste as both the FoodSavers will give you an exceptional experience that you would not regret buying.


Conclusion: Final decision

Since we are here to conclude our guide on FoodSaver 5800 VS 5860, we hope everything related to Foodsaver or vacuum sealing is cleared for you. We saw both the FoodSavers in terms of design, performance, accessories, durability, and affordability. Foodsaver 5800 and Foodsaver 5860 are almost identical in every aspect, but Foodsaver 5860 is slightly better in performance than Foodsaver 5800. Foodsaver 5860 is also a little heavier than Foodsaver 5860.

If you want a compact and small device with classic and simple looks for your kitchen, then we recommend the FoodSaver 5800 as it is smaller than the FoodSaver 5860. Still, if you want a more durable Foodsaver, then the latter will solve all your problems because the heavyweight of Foodsaver 5860 gives it more strength. Moreover, both the FoodSavers come with a warranty of 5 years, so you do not have to care about quality.

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