How to vacuum seal a ziplock bag

How to vacuum seal a Ziploc bag?

What is vacuum sealing?

Vacuum sealing is a method that is used to store the food and increase shelf life for a large span without fear of deterioration. Vacuum sealers remove all air and moisture and all other volatile components present in the food. Their main purpose is to store dry fruits for a large period and fresh fruits and vegetables for short time. Vacuum sealing is trending day by day because of its usage and importance. In this life of hustle and bustle, one has to be economical and for time-saving you have to use vacuum sealing, knowing that How to vacuum seal a Ziploc bag would help in daily life routine.

The purpose of the vacuum sealer is to store the food if you large volume of food and this will be economical. Vacuum sealer removes the microorganisms from food and automatically increases the storage life without any change in taste and quality. Vacuum sealers store the food without the freezer burns.

Advantages of vacuum sealing

The advantages of vacuum sealing will enable you to save the food variety, fresh food dried fruits, and bakery items. If we start writing the importance and advantages of vacuum sealing there is no limit to it.

  • Save time and money

Vacuum sealing of your food saves your time and money at the same time. You can easily store food in your desired pack and cook them easily without wasting time in selecting and then separating. Vacuum cleaning also saves the money that you had to spend when you buy fruits, meat from every corner.

  • Preserve and protect food

Vacuum sealing removes all oxygen from your food that in turn result in protection against bacteria because they cannot grow without oxygen. Protection of food in terms of freezer burn is done by removing all the water and with no water, there will be no freezer burn. this all will save and protect your food.

  • Extended shelf life

The shelf life of the food can be increased by vacuum sealing it. Vacuum sealed food has a shelf life 4 to 5 times more than ordinary storage methods. The shelf life of food in food sealers depends on the method that you are using for packing. If you are using a freezer then your food may last for 2 to 3 years, but in the refrigerator, it will last for only 6 months.

  • Better taste and more freshness

Vacuum sealing of food allows saving food for a large span without any variation in its taste and freshness. If the comparison is made between vacuum-sealed food and ordinary storage of foods, the first one always tastes and smells better.

Your food will be deprived of oxygen that will automatically all the reactions that need oxygen and in turn produce a foul smell.

  • Store residual food

Sometimes you will buy a large volume of food to use for next time because of your tough and busy routine. In the case of ordinary freezing, you may waste your small portion of food because of space problems.

A vacuum sealer allows you to store foods either it is small or large in quantity. You can make marination easy with excellent food taste. All this is possible with vacuum sealers.

Disadvantages of vacuum sealing

Vacuum sealing has many advantages in terms of money and time-saving. Some disadvantages go on side by side with advantages.

Some disadvantages are as follows:

  • Storage of some foods requires some gases like nitrogen or other gases. This may cost some extra money.
  • For the storage of foods, you must know the specific gases and their quantity. If you don’t know this amount of gases this may lead to problems in storage.
  • If you have made a single package with a large volume and you have to take a small portion of food. When you open the bag this may lead to a loss in preservatives.
  • For storage of food, you need extra labeling and attachment. This is time-consuming and also you have to take proper care in this labeling.

Other uses of vacuum sealing

Vacuum sealing has been used mostly for the storage of edible food items. But this is not its complete use. Vacuum sealing is not only for food it is all for all the things that need to be stored for their precaution and safety.

If you want to save your important document then you can also vacuum seal them. You can store your document by vacuum sealing to protect them from dirt, moisture, and other harms.


Types of vacuum sealers

Vacuum sealers perform a variety of functions in terms of preservation, storage, and marinating. For all these tasks there are only two types of sealers available either you operate them manually and in another way, you may use the automatic machine.

Manual vacuum sealers

When you will go into the market in search of manual vacuum sealers there will be hundreds of options available to you. These manual vacuum sealers are easy to use, what you have to do? You just have to put the Ziploc bag under the machine and press the button.

When Ziploc is filled with its maximum capacity then the indicator indicates it’s by turning on the light. Most vacuum sealers are given with handles you can use them if you need some machine to run for a short time. These sealers are used by pressing a single button and as they are wireless they can be taken to any other place.

Automatic vacuum sealer

Automatic vacuum sealers offer more convenience and comfort in preserving a portion of food. These vacuum sealers are used to preserve food for a long period. Different foods need different conditions of sealing that can be easily available with automatic vacuum sealers.

Things require for vacuum sealing

The first and most important things that are essential for vacuum sealing are the bags and vacuum sealers. Depending on the item being store some other materials like inert gases are used to save food for a longer duration.

Vacuum bags are the containers that are used for food storing; they may vary in thickness, color, and shape of the bags. Usually, a bag with better thickness is used so that you can easily wrap the food and store it easily.

There are different types of bags that can be used for vacuum sealing:

  • The channeled bag is used for packing food I home, they have manufacturing in such a way that allows air to escape swiftly.
  • Foil vacuum bags are used particularly for the storage of coffee and its products. This bag keeps light away from coffee.
  • Ziploc bags are environmentally and consumer-friendly bags. They are easy to use and food can easily be taken in and out without the use of scissors.

Vacuum sealing of Ziploc bag

If you want to save your food, but have the fear that your food is saved in that bag or not, then a Ziploc bag is a solution to your worry.

Vacuum sealing by Ziploc bag is not new; this method is used for years for preserving and protecting food. Sealing is not so much tricky as some people suppose it. This method can be easily done if you have the proper equipment and follow the accurate method.

Most vacuum sealers have bags in them for sealing but they are expensive for use at one time. For this reason, you may choose a Ziploc bag to save money and time.

How to vacuum seal a Ziploc bag?

Vacuum sealing is normally considering a hectic and tough task, but this is not if you follow the complete process and guidance. Some companies sell bags with vacuum sealers but this is expensive to use them once for storage of food.

We have made packing easy for you and you can easily store your food in Ziploc bags by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Selection of Ziploc bag:

The first step is the selection of a suitable size Ziploc bad and its material. Usually, a material that is non-reactive or inert is selected for the storage of foods. This will prevent the reaction that may occur by the interaction of Ziploc bag manufacturing material and food particles.

Step 2

Preparation of Ziploc bag

After selection of suitable bad according to your requirement next step is the preparation of Ziploc bag. Preparation of bags is different for manual and automatic vacuum sealers.

In case you have a manual vacuum sealer you have to punch your Ziploc bag from both sides of the Ziploc bag after opening the Ziploc portion. It will be more convenient if you have automatic vacuum sealers, you just need to open the Ziploc bag and then put it under the machine.

Step 3


After the selection of the bag, the preparation of Ziploc’s last and final step is the sealing. You have to pull apart the sides of the Ziploc bag away from each other and place them inside the machine. After turning on the button, your preservation process is started and this all will take little time for magic to occur.

In this sealing process air, water drops, and all the moisture is absorbed and you are with a sealed food that is completely safe for use even you keep it for a year. You can eat food after 7 and 8 months with complete assurance in quality and taste.

Features of Ziploc bags:

  • Ziploc bags are used for a long time for food storage because of their durability and stability. Their manufacturing allows keeping food fresh without any compromise on quality.
  • Whenever we talk about plastic there is always BPA in its manufacturing that can be harmful if food is present in them for more time. But Ziploc bags have manufacturing free from BPA. This feature allows it to say food for a longer duration.
  • Meat can be stored for a large period and freeze even in ordinary plastic bags. But in the case of ordinary plastic bags, you have to make a compromise on their taste. Ziploc bags have plus point that they store food for a large period without any change in their taste and quality.
  • Ordinary plastic bags are designed only to save dry food for a long period, but you can store any liquid in Ziploc bags for the period you want.

Cons of Ziploc bags:

In so many features some cons are also there when we talk about Ziploc bags, some cons are as follows:

  • Ziploc bags are not 100% airtight; even if they are completely closed little air can enter into the bag.
  • These plastic bags are not environmentally friendly, so if you are looking for some green product Ziploc bag may not be up to your expectations.

Problems that may arrive while using Vacuum sealers

When you are vacuum sealing your Ziploc you may come across different problems. Here we are discussing the problems and their solution for proper storage.

Problem 1:

The machine does not seal the bag properly

After sealing the first step is to check to the seal is smooth or not. If your sealing is not smooth then it may lead to a shortage in the shelf life of food. This problem may arise when you are using bad and thin quality Ziploc bag.

If you are already using the Ziploc bag of good quality for the greasy product then you have to reverse the edges of the bag. Put the food in the bag reverse inside and then from outside. This will make your sealing smooth and perfect. If you still suffering from the same problem then wipe all the inner side of the bag with tissues and then use it.

Problem 2:

The machine has stuck in liquid in it

Another problem that you may suffer while vacuum sealing arises when your liquid food releases water and that water is stuck in the machine. This also leads to the problem of food storage.

If you want to avoid this problem then you must put the tissue paper between the food and vacuum sealing machine. This tissue will absorb all the water released from food and your machine will run properly.

Precautions for vacuum sealing of food in Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags slow down the process of food spoilage by eliminating all the causes that may incorporate into the wasting of food.  Ziploc bag creates an anaerobic environment that is without oxygen and this environment is not suitable for the growth of bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms.

Following precautions must be taken to store food in Ziploc bags:

  • Cleanliness is the first and foremost step that must be followed to ensure proper and clean storage. Your cutting boards, bags, and counters must be clean without any foreign particles.
  • If you are going to store different items of food then you must avoid cross-contamination. Some foods can spoil when in touch with other food items. So cross-contamination must be protected.
  • Our hands have a large number of microorganisms, if you touch the food with your hand your food has more chance for spoilage. So you must use clean spoons, and utensils to avoid this contamination.
  • Ensure that the sealing process is complete with no trash and unwanted food in the Ziploc bags.
  • In the first 24 hours, check the sealed food either remain sealed or not.
  • For proper storage, you must put the label of the food and the date of its packing. By this, you can get the idea that you can store food for how much time.


Reusing of Ziploc bags

Vacuum sealers store the food in a Ziploc bag for a long time. But the question is can you reuse the Ziploc bags? This can be different in a different situation. If you are using freeze food in a Ziploc bag then this can be used for next time.

You have to wash the inner side of the Ziploc bag with hot water and mild soap. This will remove the entire residue and you can use this Ziploc bag the next time. Simple washing leads to only superficial removal of containment that may destroy your next food.

More care must be taken for Ziploc bag using when are used to store the meat, cheese, and fish. After washing you are still in a chance to develop E.coli bacteria that increase the spoilage food.


In this article, we have reviewed all the pros and cons of vacuum sealing in Ziploc bags.  you must follow the proper procedure and safety while using a Ziploc bag. Storage of food is essential nowadays, one has to buy a large volume of food and then store them.

This problem is solved by the use of Ziploc bags. We have mentioned all the steps and guidance that may properly help you. You can follow these steps to store food in Ziploc bags and can enjoy food for a long time.

We have given you everything that you need to use a Ziploc bag. All the benefits, with cons and complete guidance, have been given to you for your comfort. Now it’s up to you how you use this article. If you follow the procedures and safety precautions then you may lead to proper sealing and extended shelf life.

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