Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300

Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300

If you want to buy the best vacuum sealer then here is a complete guide on Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300 including all the differentiating terms.

Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300

Vacuum sealers or food savers are amazing gadgets. They do not let your food stale and keep them fresh for later use by preserving them in small plastic bags which you can store in the fridge or your pantry. You will find several vacuum sealers or food savers in the market or on the internet with different features and specifications. But how can we know which vacuum sealer or food saver will work best for us or fulfill our needs?

You do not have to stress yourself anymore with the trouble of saving your leftovers because we brought a comparison of the two best vacuum sealers Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300 with all the differentiating points and factors that will help you in deciding and buying. You might also be looking for Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300 if you landed here so let’s start this journey together without wasting any single second.



Which is better? Weston Pro 1100 or 2300?

To understand which vacuum sealer is better or learn the factors of Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300, it is compulsory to know about Weston Pro 1100 and Weston pro 2300 to avoid any complications. Let’s take a look at both the products or gadgets with their pros and cons for a quick review.

Product Image

Westron Pro 1100

Westron Pro 2300



Stainless steel

Stainless Steel, Steel



Pro-2300 (Stainless Steel)

Item Weight

1 Pounds

22 Pounds

Power Source

Corded Electric

935 watts (120 volts, 60 Hz)

Key Differences

Weston pro 1100 does not include a handle or transparent display.If you are on a tight budget then you can go with the first option which is Weston pro 1100.

Weston pro 2300 comes with an ergonomic handle and a display to see the remaining sealing sheets
Weston pro 2300 is expensive but it is because of the heavy-duty features

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 based on 1,191 ratings

3.8 out of 5 based on 103 ratings

Best Price?

Weston Pro 1100

Weston Pro 1100 is a 2015 model vacuum sealer that comes in silver and black color combination only. The food saver is powered by an electric cord which means you will need an electric connection or current to use this gadget. The Weston Pro 1100 is manufactured with stainless steel to provide durability and strength. This vacuum sealer or food saver ensures the quality of preserving food so you can have a healthy experience.




Relatively big size than other food sealers

Stainless steel body

Great sealing technology


Weston pro 2300

Weston pro 2300 is also a vacuum sealer from the Weston company that was first available in 2004.  The vacuum sealer is built with steel and stainless steel to provide you with maximum durability and a long life span. It only comes in silver color with a compact shape and size. The Weston Pro 2300 is a heavyweight gadget that can provide you stability and reliability. You can have a great and convenient experience with Weston pro 2300.



Easy to use


Great performance

Stable and reliable



Differentiating factors

Since we saw the general description and review of both the products, it is now time that we reveal the differentiating factors of Weston pro 1100 VS 2300 to see which vacuum sealer is capable of providing you a better experience by fulfilling your needs and requirements. Let’s dive deep into the details to find out more about Weston pro 1100 and Weston pro 2300.


The first factor that we will be discussing to see the difference between Weston pro 1100 and Weston pro 2300 is its design and appearance. Both the vacuum sealers come in silver color manufactured with stainless steel. But you can see a noticeable difference in their structure. But the model Weston Pro 2300 comes with an ergonomic handle and a display to see the remaining sealing sheets while the Weston pro 1100 does not include a handle or transparent display.

The power button and the main switch of both vacuum sealers or food savers are installed at the last end of one side and you can open the back to check wiring or any technical problem. The weight of the Weston pro 1100 is only one pound however the Weston pro 2300 comes with 22 pounds to provide you extra durability and stability while working. Weston pro 2300 also includes an LED indicator while the other vacuum sealer does not come with an indication.



The next differentiating factor is the performance of Weston pro 1100 and Weston pro 2300. Weston pro 110 is capable of giving you a great performance with its new technologies. The brand claims to test the vacuum sealer to provide quality and fresh food. Although Weston pro 1100 is a newer version than Weston pro 2300 you will see that the performance of Weston Pro 2300 is much more than the Weston pro 110. It can preserve and store food for up to a longer time and can also pack a large quantity of food.

Both food savers are very easy to use and come with 6 feet cord that can be detached for different purposes. You can do automatic as well as manual sealing with Weston pro 2300. The bag of Weston pro 2300 is extra-long measuring 15 inches. The food saver can be used continuously and comes with a cooling mechanism so it does not damage by overheating.


Some products might come with accessories to provide the user with a great experience while others do not need any accessories. Similarly, these food savers or vacuum sealers come with different accessories to enhance engagement or involvement. Weston pro 2300 only comes with an electric cord and some sealing bags that you will have to buy again from a market in case they are finished. It does not involve any accessories because there is no need to. You can easily use the food sealer to pack your lunches or dinner airtight or to preserve leftovers in the fridge.

However, Weston pro 1100 does come with some accessories like sealing bags, sealing containers, and vacuum pipes or tubes. Sealing containers can be used for any food that cannot be placed in sealed bags. The vacuum pipe is used to suck the air out of the sealing containers and maintain the food with airtight technology. The package of Weston Pro 1100 also includes a power cable or cord.



The second last factor in this Weston pro 1100 VS 2300 is the durability of both the food savers. Both the food savers are durable as they are made of stainless steel but according to us Weston pro 2300 will prove to be more durable as it is heavyweight so it can provide stability and reliability. During preserving food and sealing it, Weston pro 2300 will not move or shake because of its heavyweight whereas Weston pro 1100 might be less durable as it only weighs one pound.

The durability does not only depend on weight but the structure also so you do not have to worry about durability and can buy any food saver that you want. However, we will recommend you to get the Weston pro 2300 as it comes with a warranty of 2 years while Weston pro 1100 has only a one-year warranty. You can contact the brand in case of any problem or mishap so they can resolve the issue of your vacuum sealer.



The last factor that lets you decide between two or more products is their price range or affordability. Weston pro 1100 comes in a price range less than Weston pro 2300 while Weston Protubes0 is more expensive than Weston pro 1100 so if you do not want to spend more money or if you are on a tight budget then you can go with the first option which is Weston pro 1100.

If you want to buy a vacuum sealer with heavy-duty features and more specification then Weston pro 2300 is best option but it’s bit expensive. If spending money is not a problem for you then we will recommend you to have Weston pro 2300 because it can fulfill all your needs and can provide you a much better, convenient, and fantastic experience.


Conclusion: Which one should you buy? 

Since we are concluding today’s topic “Weston pro 1100 VS 2300,” we hope you must have read our reviews and crucial differentiating factors. We tried our best to make things effortless for you so you can quickly understand the details and make a decision of buying regarding Weston pro 1100 or Weston pro 2300. Which one should you buy or which food saver did you like during all this journey? We also solve this problem by penning down a final decision that tells you which vacuum sealer should you buy.


We saw Weston pro 1100 and Weston pro 2300 in terms of design, performance, accessories, durability, and affordability. Now let’s see which version of the Weston pro will suit you best. If you are on a tight budget and want to spend less money then go for the Weston pro 1100 as it cost you a little less than the Weston pro 2300 but if you are looking for a food saver with good performance and stylish design then Weston pro 2300 will prove to be the best for you. We wish you good luck!


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